Friday, February 4, 2011

Training: Feb 04, 2011

Where have I been?!
I've been away from my elliptical this week. I was pulled out of town for most of the week due to a family emergency. While away I was able to continue with my muscular workouts and pushed those a bit harder since I couldn't do my 60 mins of cardio. 

Feb 5, 2011

Coach's challenges:
60 minutes of cardio maintaining a heart rate of 160-180
Muscular workout should target quads, abductors, and core

Weight: 133.6 lbs

Todays goals:
Complete 60 minutes on my elliptical and maintain a heart rate of 165-170
100 Plank "side rotations" (so 50 per side)
End with the three yoga moves

Setting: Cross-training
Time: 55 minutes
Distance: 4 something (note book isn't here)
Calories: 400 something
Strides: ?
Heart rate: 167-172 for most of it. last 15 minutes were between 161 and 167

After being away from my cardio for a few days I definitely felt it. Although, I also didn't eat before working out and I know that made a difference too. I pushed myself pretty hard today though, and by the end I was done (cut it 5 minutes short for the first time While I was away this week I focused on my quads and core as requested by the coach so while I was doing cardio today my quads were begging me to stop haha. I pushed through though and did the best I could.

My main thought WHILE I'm working out is "could I go any harder right now?" and usually the answer is "yes" so I push my self as hard as I can for that time. I know that near the end I won't be able to push as hard as at the beginning but if I'm always pushing my hardest I know I'll see the results I'm looking for.

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  1. Hannah!

    I apologize for not being in contact as much over the past few weeks; but it seems you've been keeping on your workouts, and you are doing a fantastic job! Over the next few weeks - if your knee will allow it - I want you to start phasing out the elliptical, and start doing more running, biking, swimming, etc. Cardio exercises that translate more literally into natural movements (if that makes sense) will be more efficient and therefore, obviously, better for you. What I mean is that the elliptical is not an efficient and natural workout. Dare I say it, I think it's a useless machine haha but the main thing is that it's been bringing your heart rate up, and has been easy on your knee, and that's the important thing right now. As an example, if you can get on the treadmill for half as much time as you would spend on the elliptical, that would be really good for you (again, as long as your knee will allow it).

    Keep up the yoga too. As a cyclist I have a lot of trouble with seizing muscles and joints, and it's because I don't focus as much as I should on stretching and flexibility. So keep that up; you will thank yourself later for it!

    I also want you to start pushing the time on your cardio workouts as well. Let's start aiming for 1-1:30 hour cardio workouts over the next week or two. Keep the strength training workouts the same for now though.

    Anyway, I hope you have a great week! I'll be in touch again, and keep the journals coming! Trust me, I still read them! :)

    Good luck!