Monday, June 13, 2011

Red Umbrella Photography - Rocking The Frock in New Brunswick

There are only three days left to enter our contest to WIN one of eight photo packages!
I'm on the way home from Montreal as I type this and am gearing up for a full and exciting summer of photography! Starting July 1st Red Umbrella is offering 50's Pin-up, Boudoir, Rock The Frock, and Breastfeeding shoots!

To say "thanks" to our loyal Facebook fans, we're giving away 8 photo shoots - two of each new package!

Read more about what each package includes and enter to win by following these steps:
1. "Like" our official NEW Facebook Page if you haven't already (It's different than our group)
2. Go to the Page's discussion board and you'll find four posts - one for each new package
3. Leave a comment to let us know why you want to win that package!
4. Spread word!

Rules and full details can also be found in the discussion board.

Thanks everyone and good luck!!

And...since no post is complete without photos, I'll share some of the shots from a Rock The Frock session in New Brunswick last week!


Smile with your eyes  .  See with your heart  .  Love with your life

Red Umbrella Photography - Elsa & Graeme

Elsa and Graeme recently moved to Montreal and I happened to be visiting on the weekend of their first wedding anniversary! We decided to head to Old Montreal for some photos to remember this time in their lives! 

Smile with your eyes  .  See with your heart  .  Love with your live  .

Red Umbrella Photography - Celebrating Sarah

While I was in Moncton I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with Sarah. The first time we met was actually at her birthday dinner with a bunch of other women from her church. We headed out one afternoon for a little birthday photo shoot and I'd love to share a few of the shots with you!

My fave!

Smile with your eyes  .  See with your heart  .  Love with your life

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I still remember that image of Demi Moore posing on the cover of Vanity Fair - who doesn't?! A few years later Oprah had an entire epidose dedicated to a maternity photographer. I remember thinking THAT is what I want to do!

I have since fallen in love with photographing people at all stages in life but there's still something so special and intimate about capturing images of a mother and her unborn child. Maternity sessions remain among one of my favourites.

Paula and I met in The Bahamas just over a year ago when I was photographing her sister's wedding. When she heard I'd be in her area (New Brunswick) she immediately called to book a maternity session. I immediately started daydreaming of all the possibilities. Here are just some of my favourite shots from our afternoon session.