Thursday, February 10, 2011

Training: Feb 10, 2011

Exciting announcement!!
I'm adding a new segment to my blog. In addition to physical training for our cross-country tour we're also busy with our "brain" training (aka learning more about Israel-Palestine). So, when you pop by to read the physical training blog posts make sure you also check out my updates about books I've read, conversations I've had or documentaries I've watched. :) I'll start this tomorrow (Friday) keep an eye open for it!

Onto my physical training journal...

Feb 10, 201
Coach's challenges:
60-90 minutes of cardio maintaining a heart rate of 160-180 - either swimming, biking or running. No elliptical.
Muscular workout should target quads, abductors, and core

Weight: 132

Todays goals:
Complete 60 minutes of cardio and maintain a heart rate of 175-180
100 Plank "side rotations" (so 50 per side)
End with the three yoga moves (shown below!)

Setting: Cardio
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 1.72 miles
Calories: 224
Heart rate: 174
Plank side rotation things: 75/side (25 more than my goal!)

30 minutes of laps

Today went well! It's been nice having access to a pool & treadmill - Saturday will be my last day with access to them unless someone has any suggestions :)

I'm not breaking as much of a sweat on the treadmill as I did on the elliptical although I feel it a lot more in my legs. My body is nice and sore today (and yesterday, and the day before haha). I love the swimming too because I can feel it in my arms and i've always loved the's amazing.

In case anyone's interested, these are the three yoga moves I end with. They were suggested in a cycling magazine I've been reading.

The Bridge

The Butterfly

Thread The Needle

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