Saturday, January 22, 2011

Training: Jan 22, 2011

Jan 22, 2011

Coach's challenge:
I didn't get a chance to read his response to yesterday's progress until just I just applied what he'd said last time.
Weight: 134.3 lbs (nearly two pounds lower than Jan 21!)

Todays goals:
Complete 60 minutes on my elliptical
Maintain a heart rate of no lower than 160

Setting: Cross-training
Time: 60 minutes
Distance: 4.68
Calories: 444.3
Strides: 5962
Heart rate: 168

I reached all my goals (though they weren't tough today haha)!! My main goal was to take it as easy as I could while still maintaining a heart rate above 160. I didn't want to push my knee too hard today. My heart rate hovered 168 and 169 the whole time. My leg  muscles were sore before I even started haha and knowing I'd be biking right after this workout I tried to take it a bit easy. My knee was fine today :)

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