Friday, January 21, 2011

Training: Jan 21, 2011

Jan 21, 2011

Coach's challenge:
Coach Chris ( love that don't you! This might be the only time you'll hear/read that) challenged me to get my heart rate above 160 for the duration of my workout while still keeping a close watch on my knee to prevent further injury.

Weight: 136 lbs (two pounds lower than Jan 19th!)

Todays goals:
Complete 60 minutes on my elliptical
Maintain a heart rate of no lower than 160
Go 5 (I don't know if it measures in KM or miles...haha I should probably figure that out)
Begin muscular work as well

Setting: Cross-training
Time: 60 minutes and a 5 minute cool-down
Distance: 5.16
Calories: 505.2
Strides: 6860
Heart rate: 171

20 sit-ups
20 right side sit-ups
20 left side sit-ups
20 sit-ups with legs raised
20 push-ups

I reached all my goals!! I'm pretty happy about that :)
I pushed myself harder today which you can see in the numbers. I maintained a heart rate of between 168 and 175 the whole time - mostly near 171. My leg muscles started to feel the burn around 25 minutes. I was able to keep my knee under control.

As for the muscular work out I didn't really push myself but really just wanted to shower haha. The push ups I did full out but only made it about half-way down each time. I figure that's better than straining my muscle by going all the way down (which would happen). I'll keep up with the push-ups and hopefully get a bit lower each day :)

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  1. This is "Coach Chris" here hahaha. That's great Hannah! You've surpassed your HR goal which is beyond my expectations! From this point on, for EVERY other workout from now, I want you achieving a HR of between 160-180bpm. That's right! It's going to be tough, but I know you can do it! Let's keep the duration at 1 hour temporarily so we can keep track of your progress. Anyway, good luck with those pushups! Keep working for that burn; you know you're doing well when you feeling it at sunrise the day after! And I want you to be looking into workouts that can target your quads, abductors, and core, okay? These areas contain both primary and secondary muscles that are crucial to your cycling! I have a great book with a few exercises that can get you started if you're interested; just send me a message!

    Keep nursing that knee!

    Coach Chris