Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Red Umbrella Photography - California Ranch

I had the pleasure of spending the first few weeks of May in California. If you've been reading, you'll know I was there to photograph *this event*. Whenever I travel somewhere and have a few days to kill I like to try to set up other shoots - fun shoots I wouldn't necessarily be able to do in my home area. One of those shoots this trip was out on a ranch. I adore horses (and farms in general) so when I met Claire and heard she rides, I immediately suggested we schedule a shoot of her with her horse. She loved the idea so we booked the next non-rainy afternoon and headed out! Here's a sneak peek!

Remember you can click on these to make them larger

I love how happy Claire is in this shot!

Smile with your eyes  .  See with your heart  .  Love with your life

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