Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First days of biking

I'm not a cyclist.  The last time I owned a new bike was when I was in 6th grade.  I played on my bike all the time when I was little, but haven't ridden since about 7th grade!  I rode a few times last year but definitely not on a regular basis. Recently, Julia suggested we bike across Canada and I thought it was a great idea! And just like that, I've started biking in preparation for our 2011 adventure.

The first time I went out biking a few weeks ago I realized how completely out of shape I am! Bikig uses muscles that I haven't used in a long time!  With that said though, it isn't taking long to get back into shape now that I've started biking on a more regular basis.

I've compiled a "to do" list of things I need to do and/or learn in these beginning days of biking.  Eventually I'll add another list of bigger things I need to do before Julia and I leave to bike across Canada.  I'll update it as we go with the date I complete each item.  This will look like a pretty basic list at this point because I'm literally starting from scratch.

-buy a bike lock (done!)
-buy a bell
-buy lights for the front & back of the bike
-buy & attach a water bottle holder to my bike
-bike without squeeling in fear haha (this took a few rides, but I'm fine now!)
-bike in the rain (done!)
-fill my tires
-learn how to fix my chain when it falls off (Corrie showed me how today, but I haven't done it on my own yet)
-learn how to change my gears haha...lame, I know!
-bike at night (done!)
-buy a basket for the front of my bike
-bike from my place to Waterloo (did this today, and I'm sure this will be done MANY more times this year!)
-ride down a curb (done!)
-ride up a curb

That's all I can think of for now.  Any other suggestions for someone just starting out?

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